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I am living in a homestay in Djursholm with my lovely lovely host family. I love living in a homestay because I feel so much more immersed in Swedish culture. I am not just in a dorm like I would be at my home university surrounded by college students. My host family helps me with my Swedish, I help them with their English, and we all have a lot of fun together! My host mother is very supportive, funny, and we have wonderful conversations together. My host father is someone I can run with, talk to, and makes me laugh so much. My host sister is getting ready to graduate the Swedish version of high school and recently passed her test to get into the Swedish army in June! (Woohoo!) My host brother is a great soccer player and loves video games and being a goofball™️. We all watch the news and shows, eat, laugh, and enjoy spending time together. I really feel like I am home when I am with my host family!

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